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Brag Sports, LLC is a family-owned and operated business located in Phoenix, Arizona. At Brag Sports we are passionate about sports as many of our weekends are spent watching our two boys compete or competing ourselves in various local, regional or national sporting events.  

We know athletes work and train hard for their sport. Only the elite athletes earn medals and trophies.  The problem with winning medals and trophies is that you can’t show off your wins - the trophies and medals collect dust at home and no-one knows.  And many times in team sports there is only one team trophy that sits on a shelf at the coach's office and the individual athletes have nothing to show for their accomplishments. We have even seen tournaments where the winners get nothing! Wow!  This is a serious problem that needed a solution. 

And now, Brag Sports has solved these very serious problems with our flagship product - the Brag Sports Tag.  We offer the highest quality made in the USA, custom keepsakes for elite athletes to show off their wins! Brag Sports Tags create lifelong memories and make great gifts.  

Finally, medalists and trophy winners can walk proud and showoff their accomplishments by attaching a Brag Sports Tag to their Sports Bag! The more you have the more you want to brag!



Jason & Amy, Founders of Brag Sports
Play. Win. Brag.